School Football Club To Visit Olympics

Members of the Five Islands School football club are going to the Olympics.

Club officials have launched an appeal to bring in the funds required to send 39 children and 10 supporting adults for a three-night trip to Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium in August.

The experience will cost around £10,000 but club Secretary, Helen Glenn, says it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the kids to be part of the Olympics and they couldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

Helen wants the islands’ players, whose ages range from 8 to 16 years, to ‘earn’ their visit and now she’s keen to hear from groups and organisations that need a task or projects completed.

The kids could bake cakes or beach clean, with adult supervision.

They don’t have to raise the entire amount as Helen is also going to apply for grants and the club has some money saved.

The club did have the opportunity to get ticket allocations for Wembley but it wasn’t certain that they’d see Team GB play.

Helen said the youngsters should go along and flag wave for British footballers.

She has already secured the stadium attendance tickets, which was a difficult process in itself, and although they were not particularly costly, there were lots of rules and regulations and even specific credit cards that had to be used for the transaction.