Police Roadworthiness Checks To Continue

Police checks on the roadworthiness of vehicles on St Mary’s are set to continue for another fortnight.

Two mainland officers have been inspecting cars and vans this week and survey work was expected to last a few days, but PC Mike Gamble says he’s been drafted in for an additional 12 days to cover for Sergeant Taylor who is recovering for an Achilles tendon operation.

The traffic officer and his colleague Mark Richardson have praised the higher standard of commercial vehicles on the island. There was just one that was pulled off the road for a short period to allow minor repairs.

But the officers say there are still too many cars with bald tyres. Two vehicles had all four without enough tread and that would bring 12 licence points and a court appearance if it happened on the mainland.

The circular road and lower speeds around St Mary’s degrades tyres noticeably and many are badly scored on the sides

Mark says they are being more lenient here and giving offenders time to get the issue sorted but vehicles can’t be used until then.

Mike has pulled over 20 drivers but has also been given a list of vehicles that concern our local policing team and he’s going to search for those that haven’t been on the road.

He has powers to go onto private property and says you cannot hide unfit motors.

The officers will be cracking down on people who don’t use seatbelts.

Mike says the newer vehicles that are being introduced here use airbags and if there is a low speed impact you could sustain serious injuries if you are not wearing a seatbelt.

The officers say they have islanders’ interests at heart. If there was a fatality, Mike feels that the media attention would be high and could suggest a cavalier attitude to roadworthiness because of no MOT requirements here.

The team here also wouldn’t be able to resource a serious accident and officers would have to be brought in. Until they arrived, the scene would be sealed and that could create major problems if it was Hugh Street in August.