Tresco Men Publish Book On Mongol Rally Adventure

A book that chronicles the experiences of three Tresco residents undertaking the Mongol Rally has been published.

18 months ago, James Druce, who lived on the island then, joined Will Ash and Nick Mackey on the 10,000-mile journey in a Citroën Saxo called Pete.

Contestants have to travel from Europe to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia using whichever route they want and they have to do it in a vehicle of 1200cc or less.

The challenge brought in £15,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust over the 31 days.

James said the journey was fantastic adventure but not without danger either.

He said anyone thinking about doing a similar journey needs to be aware of the scams and bribes that go on in that part of the world.

One of the teammates got their passport stolen by a corrupt Russian soldier and they had to buy it back.

They also got locked in a cell for two days at the Russian-Mongolian border without food, drink or toilet facilities.

James said they learnt quickly and his advice is stand your ground and plead ignorance and they’ll soon back down.

From Radio Scilly

James Druce talks about the journey to Mongolia

But he said the most frightening time was in the Gobi Desert, when an armed bike rider chased them for hours. However, it turned out in the end, he was just curious and wanted a cigarette.

James said friends and family at home were always keeping a close eye on their GPS location using the web and weren’t too concerned as long as they were still moving!

They filmed about 20 hours of video footage that ‘s being edited into a documentary. They’re planning to put it up on YouTube and also have a special showing at the New Inn in the next few weeks.

James says ‘Pete the Saxo’ was left in Ulaanbaatar. They donated it, and their equipment, to an orphanage and he says somehow it raised $1500, even though it had no working shock absorbers and the exhaust had fallen off somewhere in the desert.

James described the journey as an amazing experience and said he’d “do it again in a heartbeat” if he got the chance.

A paperback version of the book is available on and there’s a Kindle version on Amazon. A donation from each sale will go towards the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.