St Mary’s Diver Uncovers New Wreck

Local diver, Todd Stevens

A St Mary’s diver believes he’s uncovered a wreck off Annet.

Todd Stevens says he found it after beachcombing on Sunday. He discovered a lump of teak with brass nails in it on the rocky shore of the island and went into the water to investigate the area nearby.

The source of the wood was 10m down on the sandy seabed about 100m offshore.

Todd says the materials used indicate the vessel could be foreign as British builders used oak and copper for nails. It was also copper sheathed, making it a post-1750 vessel.

He thinks it could be Italian as the Bernardo from Genoa, whose figurehead is in Tresco’s Valhalla museum, went down in that part of Scilly in 1888.

Figurehead from the Bernardo, in Tresco's Valhalla museum

She struck further out so the crew put off in the launch whilst the Captain stayed aboard. The launch capsized killing all the men but the ship, with captain Dapelo still aboard, was pushed close to Annet where she went to pieces.

The captain got ashore and was saved.

Todd says he has never discovered a wreck by beachcombing before.

He says a bad sea over the winter, “obviously uncovered a lump of the ship and threw it ashore for me to find.”

The wreck is mostly buried so he can’t gauge its size yet.