Scillonian Entertainers To Return In May

Scilly’s own variety show, The Scillonian Entertainers, will be returning for another season in May.

Organiser, June Lethbridge, says they’re still in the early stages of planning with about half the programme in place and she told us this year there’ll be a special ‘Jubilee’ theme to proceedings.

June says they have about half the programme in place, which was performed at the Senior Citizens concert in February, but they still have the other half to organise.

There will be one concert performed each month during the summer which June says is enough as many cast members struggle to find the time during the busy summer tourist season.

The first performance will be on 23rd May at the Town Hall Theatre.

June was very tight-lipped about what performances we’d see this year, although she said there would be “at least two queens” on the bill.


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