Metal Recycling Project Reducing Waste Backlog

The landing craft at Porthmellon beach yesterday

The Council says work to reduce the size of the Moorwell rubbish mound is going well.

A landing craft has been working at Porthmellon beach since Sunday, transporting scrap metal from the Moorwell recycling depot to the mainland for recycling.

The vessel is owned by local man, Diccon Rogers, whose company Keynvor Morlift were successful in securing a contract as part of the Council’s waste management strategy.

Council Spokesman, George Pearson, said that the current work has already made significant inroads into the volume of scrap metal on site and will free up another area to facilitate more processing of bulky waste.

George said he expects there will be another two to three more collections before the work is completed.


One Response to Metal Recycling Project Reducing Waste Backlog

  1. Todd Stevens April 4, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Going well!? Do they really think we are all so stupid. Everyone knows what the real problem is- it is the huge general houshold waste mountain that grows daily at moorwell. It is twice the size it was in 2007 and 3 times the size of 2002. Shift that lot- then maybe we’ll all be impressed. As with this scrap metal- it is a simple logistical problem- surely the officers paid extortionate wages to ‘manage’ this can sort it out. Mind you-they have only had 15 years to do it so far!! When will they be brought to task for their lethargy!?