New Restaurant Opens At Porthmellon Beach

St Mary’s newest restaurant and bar opened for business yesterday.

Speros is the new name for what was The Boatshed on Porthmellon beach.

Owners, Richard and Amelia Mills, have plenty of catering experience, having run the Harbourside Hotel for seven seasons and the Pilchard Pit on the Quay for four years.

And Amelia’s family’s experience of running cafes and restaurants in Scilly goes back to the 70s.

But the couple admit that setting up a new venture from scratch has been hard work and there was more red tape and regulation than they had come across before.

Richard and Amelia have been inspired by beach cafes on the mainland and wanted to create a very relaxed atmosphere.

He says they were particularly keen to make the restaurant child-friendly, having kids themselves and knowing the trouble they’ve had in other establishments.

Richard, who recently became a member of the Tourism Partnership board, says the cost of starting a new business is more than it used to be and visitors should appreciate that services are going to cost more here.

He said there are freight bills from Penzance together with delivery from the quay to Porthmellon. And he says if you run out, you can’t just nip down to Tesco to get more veg.

The couple are pleased to be able to bring back the name Spero, which is named after the boat that once occupied the boat shed, but they had several names that were rejected.

They had thought of naming the restaurant The Sunset after Amelia’s dad’s original place on St Mary’s quay but felt it might be “a bit too prawn cocktail and 70’s.”

Speros is open from 10am every day.