Litter Left On Beach After Party

The debris on the beach this weekend

A St Mary’s guesthouse owner is appealing for people to clean up after beach parties.

David Hawkins, of Nundeeps, says he was shocked to discover discarded bottles, cans and furniture at a section of shoreline past the children’s play area at Porthcressa while walking on Sunday.

He said visitors were passing the eyesore, which was in full view, and he described it as “quite shaming for us on the islands.”

David contacted the Council yesterday and was told that the area is leased by the Wildlife Trust from the Duchy and they would need to decide what to do about the debris.

David says he‘ll talk to the Wildlife Trust about the mess, but says it’s unfair that they’ll have to clean it up adding, “he’s sure they have better things to do with their time.”

There were several similar incidents reported last year, including one where a section of Porth Minick beach was taped off by police to avoid accidents from broken glass and nails.


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