Radio Scilly Listener Reunited With Lost Cash

Gemma makes a donation to the Air Ambulance

Events over the weekend provide proof that Scilly is one of the most honest parts of the UK.

On Friday, Gemma Reavey, who works at the Scillonian Club, emailed Radio Scilly to see whether anyone had found two twenty pound notes she had lost somewhere around Hugh Town.

She admitted it was a long shot and didn’t hold much hope of seeing the money again.

After Radio Scilly broadcast Gemma’s plight, a listener got in touch to say she had overheard a Co-op conversation about some cash that had been found.

And Gemma has been reunited with the money that she thought she would never see again.

The Coop had realized it had been left in error and had put it in their safe.

Gemma says she remembers hearing a listener appeal for a lost glove last summer, at the same time as parts of her home town of London were seeing riots, and she says that put island life into perspective.

Gemma says she must have left the money at the till after asking for cashback and she’s donating £5 to the air ambulance.