First Stage Of One Act Play Festival Takes Place

The cast of 'It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow'

The first stage of Scilly’s One Act Play Festival and Competition took place this weekend with a good turnout for both performances.

Around 60 people turned up at the Town Hall Theatre on Saturday night to watch the three plays, Happy Christmas, On the Rooftop and I Maid it Through the Night

Another 45 attended the Sunday afternoon readings of Waiting for Claudette, To Di For and It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow.

Plots ranged from a mass suicide attempt on a rooftop to a dream about Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

Judge, Paul Dodgson, said it was going to be hard to choose which of the six very different scripts will be going through to the next round, due to take place during Art Scilly Week in May.

One of the most memorable moments was unexpected, when a table of pies collapsed during the play, To Di For, although Paul said he was particularly taken by the accordion solo in Steve Sims’ play, Waiting for Claudette.

Judge, Paul Dodgson

And Paul says the actors did extremely well with things changing right up to the last minute. One actor said he had two extra pages of script passed to him ten minutes before he went on stage.

Organiser, Jenny Byers, thought the first stage went very well and she felt the audiences had enjoyed the performances.

Jenny says it’s a real achievement for the people who have written the plays and the wide age range has surprised her.

She mentioned the group of teenagers from the Five Islands School in particular, who hadn’t just written a script, but had located costumes and props, and acted the play themselves, without scripts.

Jenny also thought the theatre club members, who took on multiple parts, did an excellent job and picked up the nuances of the scripts in a short time.

Jenny says Art Scilly is becoming very popular and brings new people to Scilly who perhaps wouldn’t come at other times of the year. She thinks the One Act Play Festival will be a nice way to round off the week. After all, says Jenny, “theatre is art.”

Four plays, Happy Christmas, On the Rooftop, I Maid it Through the Night and Waiting for Claudette went through to the finals, to be held during Art Scilly Week on Friday 18th May and Sunday 20th May.