Council Criticised Over Accrued Holiday

The Town Hall

The Council of the Isles of Scilly has been criticised by the Audit Commission for not adhering to their own policy on carrying forward annual leave.

The Council recently published data showing £225,000 is owed to employees for 790 days of annual leave entitlement that has been carried forward.

Council policy states that no more than 5 days leave can be carried forward each year.

ScillyToday understands that a significant proportion of this time has been accrued by the Chief Executive, Philip Hygate and Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, some dating back to the time of the Cita disaster in 1997.

In his 2010/11 annual report, the auditor states, “The Council’s leave policy is not being adhered to in respect of time taken off in lieu and taken forward into future years.

“Some staff have accrued significant leave which will either need to be taken or paid when leaving the Council.”

Chairman of the Policy and Resources committee, Marian Bennett, told us that the demands of work sometimes mean that annual leave can’t be taken in full and a “degree of flexibility is desirable.”

But she says in the interest of a healthy work-life balance the Council will be encouraging all employees to use their full leave entitlement in the year it’s due, adding they’ll be adhering to the leave policy in future.

Marian says anyone owed leave will have to take that as holiday and will not be offered any financial settlement.


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