LAG Gets New Chairman

Bill Wilson

The Local Action Group has a new chairman.

Bill Wilson, who successfully led the vet support group through their LAG application to fund the surgery, has taken over from Duchy Land Steward Chris Gregory.

Chris is now chairman of the Tourism Partnership and Bill says he’s happy to take on the funding body position because of Chris’s workload.

Bill says he hopes to continue with the same integrity that Chris has shown running the group.

The panel of islanders award grants to projects that help business development or community initiatives.

Successful recipients have included Adams Fish and Chips on St Martin’s, improved boat-fuelling facilities on St Mary’s quay and the Buzza bus.

The programme of funding is set to run until the end of 2013. Bill says they’ve developed an effective framework and expertise within the office and he’d like to use that for the islands’ benefit in the future.

The news that Cornwall and Scilly has failed to reach the EU level for GDP growth means that further cash may be forthcoming and he hopes to be able to tap into that.

He’s asked LAG staff to source future funding opportunities so a similar scheme can take over from 2014.