Lower Entry Numbers For Scilly Ten Run

With just over a week to go before the Scilly Ten fun run on St Martin’s, entry levels are much lower than they were at the equivalent time last year.

But that’s not concerning organiser Dawn Bradford.

Previously, many participants didn’t enter until the morning of the race, which was then held on St Mary’s.

In 2011, 75 adults and 26 children ran or walked. So far, 4 Tresco residents and 3 St Mary’s people have sent in paperwork along with 8 mainlanders.

Dawn says Islanders are currently outnumbered but visitors are more likely to submit forms ahead of time because of the need to plan travel.

Dawn says some people may be unsure about coming to St Martin’s but many islanders do travel there for the Easter and she’s been assured that boats will be departing from islands between 9.30am and 10.00am on Easter Sunday morning.

This year runners will run the 10 mile circuit of the island both on road and across country.

But you can opt for a single, 5 mile lap, just like the walkers.

Dawn is hopeful that the funds raised will match or exceed the £2,500 raised last year for the children’s hospice in St Austell, the Little Harbour Appeal.