Early Years Classes To Get Play Area Improvements

The Five Islands School

Scilly’s youngest school pupils are having their outdoor area at the Five Islands School improved.

The Council has offered £5000 to improve the lower garden area adjacent to the nursery and reception classes.

Headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby, says there wasn’t much thought given to outdoor play for the Early Years classes in the original plans and the current space wouldn’t ‘pass muster.’

It’s meant to be landscaped and provide a variety of textures, shapes and surfaces to encourage play and learning.

Bryce says they want to make the landscape for enticing and inviting. There’ll be a willow hedge around the perimeter to provide shade and new growing areas.

The extent of the works will depend on the grants the school can get and Bryce hopes that they could bring in up to £20,000 for the work through match funding and additional sources.

The school site has two garden areas. Once this work is completed for the Early Years classes, attention will be focused on the region above the MUGA as a play and vegetable growing area for older pupils.