Pub Runs Out Of Beer After Off-Island Delivery Problems

The Seven Stones Inn on St Martin's

The owners of St Martin’s pub wants the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company to alter their off-island deliveries when the Lyonesse Lady freight boat is being serviced.

Toby Tobin-Dougan says supply problems meant he had a pub with no beer over the weekend.

He says the company couldn’t ship his beer barrels when he wanted them and his regulars drank the pub dry, forcing him to close the Seven Stones Inn for a day when just wine was left.

Toby understands that lifting barrels can be tricky and he says he doesn’t want people hurting themselves, but he’d like the Steamship Company to hire in a boat with a crane when the regular boat is out-of-action for a fortnight.

Toby says he bought more stock to get over the Lynonesse Lady downtime but it’s impossible to predicted demand at this time of year especially under the current economic conditions.

He’s now arranged a supply of beer from the Atlantic Inn, brought over on Terry Perkins’ boat, so islanders need not go thirsty any longer, and he’s very grateful to them for helping him out.

Toby Tobin Dougan

Toby says there was some grumbling about the lack of beer but he said it was entertaining watching his real ale fans having to settle for glasses of wine

And there’s a positive side to the shortage. He says it shows that things are busy as he heads into the season, much of it local trade, and that’s encouraging.

The Steamship Company say that all islanders were warned that perishable goods and small parcels would be transported by a RIB and Toby was advised by phone and letter to have adequate supplies before the Lyonesse Lady came out of service.

He ordered supplies on the 26th and, while the cartons of drinks were shipped, there wasn’t room on the RIB for the beer barrel.

The company has previously used Scavenger to deliver essentials but not usually during planned maintenance periods.

They say when the Lyonesse Lady is out of service, the RIB and Quay staff work hard to ensure essential goods reach all of the off-Islands during this period, but there may be some delays.