Women Shed Weight To Raise Pounds

Vicki Smith with an end-of-diet treat

Islanders have weighed in at the end of a sponsored slimming challenge at the school yesterday.

The eight women have lost a total of 6 stone and according to organizer Anna Wild, look likely to exceed their £500 target.

It’s the second year that staff and parents, including Vicki Smith, have slimmed to raise cash for the Sands neonatal death and still born charity.

Vicki says there are no rules or set diets. The most important thing is raising money for the good cause that benefits.

Vicki says some participants have been very keen to bring in as much cash as possible.

One person went on the ‘cabbage soup’ diet to lose as much as possible in the last week and another, who had raised a lot of sponsorship money, asked for an extension to reach their goal.

Vicki says Sands is a charity that is very close to their hearts and she says the money raised will ensure they can help other families in the future.

And yesterday, after months of low calorie food, some of the dieters treated themselves to cake baked by Anna.