Islands’ Lighthouses Feature In New Book

Peninnis lighthouse

Scilly’s lighthouses feature prominently in a new book about the lights of the Westcountry.

Nicholas Leach co-authored ‘Lighthouses of England: The South West’ which covers the area from our islands up to the River Severn and it’s the latest in a six-part series outlining the work of Trinity House.

The book is a comprehensive guide which not only includes all the famous lighthouses in our area, like Round Island and Bishop Rock, but also the smaller lights like the one on Peninnis Head.

Nick mentions St Agnes in particular as being one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, having been constructed in 1680.

He hasn’t visited all of the lighthouses. Some of them are pretty inaccessible, such as Wolf Rock and Longships, so he’s used information and photos provided by Trinity House engineers.

This means some of the photos show the houses from a different viewpoint than most people would get.

From Radio Scilly

Nick Leach discusses his new book with Keri Jones

Nick says it’s difficult to pinpoint why there is so much romanticism about lighthouses.

He thinks it’s partly due to their isolation and the bravery that was once required from the lightkeepers, although there are no manned lighthouses here any more.

Nick says the engineering work required to construct some of the lighthouses, especially back in the 18th and 19th centuries, was immense and it’s a testament to the designers and builders that they’re still standing today.