Council Defends Porthcressa Scheme Shift Pattern

The Porthcressa regeneration project is one week behind schedule but the Council says the £4m scheme to create a new library and new homes should be completed by November.

Once each phase of the development is completed, full access will be restored and the slight delay is because of some unexpected ground conditions and problems with electricity cables.

Some islanders have complained that builders haven’t been working at the weekend but Diana Mompoloki from the Council’s Economic Development Office says the builders are working a shift pattern of 10 days on the job and 4 days off.

There is also a planning restriction that means they can’t use noisy equipment on Sundays, when they’ve been getting on with other jobs instead.

Diana says having the men work every day would require two shifts which would increase costs and she says Kier have an agreed end-date to finish the work.

From Radio Scilly

Diana Mompoloki talks about the Porthcressa Regeneration project

There have been some strong anti-Porthcressa regeneration views aired on Facebook but Diana says there all also supporters of the development who haven’t been so vocal.

She says there is always a “very loud minority” against any development, but says there is also a “quiet majority” who support it.

Diana says Porthcressa was starting to look “a bit sad” and there have been plenty of people coming up to her to say they’re excited about the work, particularly the new library.

Artists impression of new Schiller shelter

Some B&B and self-catering accommodation providers have said they want compensation over lost bookings due to the building work, but Diana says that won’t be offered.

She says if everyone who had been inconvenienced by a building project were compensated, then the planning system wouldn’t function and there would be no developments in the UK.

The first part of the scheme to be completed, outside Dibble and Grub, will be opened in around two weeks when the concrete being laid this week has hardened.