Theatre Club Production To Go Ahead

St Mary’s Theatre will be able to put on their planned summer play, ‘Murder in Company’ after a second batch of auditions brought forward enough actors.

There were fears that the show wouldn’t go on after too few women turned out to the first auditions a fortnight ago.

The opening night will be put back until the middle of June according to Director Kevin Lehman.

He says the week before is the most important, but this year some cast members have additional commitments.

The extended Jubilee holiday and half term week mean performers may find it hard fitting in the rehearsals, so the opening will be delayed.

Kevin says that being involved in the production requires commitment and sacrifices and that’s why some of the regulars who took part in last year’s award–winning show, “Present Laughter’ have bowed out this time.

The four female roles have been filled by Rachel Easterbrook, Gail Sibley, Mary Dean, and Maureen Carter.

The male characters will be played by Owen Groombridge, Dave Chodiewitz and Stephen Thomas, with Kevin adding an on-stage appearance to producing and directing duties.

He says they’ve already had a read through on Friday and first act rehearsals start on Wednesday.