Success For First Judo Gradings At New Hall

The Chairman of Scilly’s Judo Club says their first grading at the new sports hall was a success.

Around 40 youngsters were graded at the weekend and Duncan Graham says visiting assessors, Tom Page and Jacky Gray, from Carn Brea Judo Club in Cornwall, were impressed by the rapid progress of the new intake of youngsters.

Many of the kids have only been members of our club for about six weeks.

Duncan says that the Judo Club is “really thriving” and there’s so much interest they have had to introduce a new waiting list because of the volume of enquiries.

The club has also been fundraising for extra mats over the weekend.

Jackie, who has been travelling to Scilly since the 70s, says she thinks of our club as a “sister” to her own at Carn Brea.

Tom and Jacky Gray

She says the kids have good, dedicated instructors here who are happy to travel to the mainland to keep up with the latest training.

Jackie says judo can bring many benefits to the islands’ kids. She says as well as being great for fitness levels, it also builds confidence and self-esteem and allows kids to release their frustration in a controlled environment.

But she says they’ll need to put in plenty of practice and dedication if they want to reach the highest levels of the sport.

Tom is impressed by the new sports hall and says it’s a fantastic facility that will help the sport develop further here.

In particular, the viewing area helps the sport because parents can go and watch their kids.

Tom says in the time he’s been visiting Scilly, he’s seen generations of judo participants. He thinks this is unique to Scilly, where interest in the sport is growing at a time when it has been on the wane on the mainland.