Twitter Trippers Visit Scilly

The Star Castle Hotel hosted a visit by a group American and Canadian travel journalists last weekend.

But this was no ordinary promotional visit. The five journalists were asked to ‘tweet’ their way around the islands.

Zoe Parry, Assistant Manager at the Star Castle, told us the journalists came over as part of a Jubilee-year trip organised by Visit England.

She said they’d spent almost two years planning the visit and the idea was to attract a different type of travel journalist.

Members of the group included writers for the Business magazine, Forbes, and the men’s lifestyle website,

Zoe said the journalists travelled down to Scilly by sleeper train followed by a flight over on SkyBus. The visitors were taken to several places on the islands, including Tresco’s Abbey Gardens and the Turks Head on St Agnes.

And unusually, we don’t have to wait until their article is printed to see that they were impressed by the islands.

The hashtag hacks sent out a trail of tweets and photos, taken as they toured the islands, via the website Twitter.

One of the journalists, Annie Fitzsimmons, tweeted, “Isles of Scilly. Land that time forgot. Where you dream of dropping everything, moving here & opening a cupcake shop”

She also wrote, “Ever been to the Isles of Scilly?? Here now and have fallen in love!”

Amy Laughinghouse tweeted, “You’d swear you’re in Caribbean, until you dip your toe in the water. Then you would just swear” and Kristin Harmel wrote, “One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!”

The good weather obviously helped last weekend as Alex Reynolds tweeted, “The Med? South America? Nope, England in March.”

Twitter has grown into one of the largest social networking sites and popular ‘tweeters’ can reachhuge numbers of people with their short instant messages and Zoe said the tweets from Scilly had already been viewed by over 8000 people.

You can see the journalists’ messages from Scilly by using the hashtag #Scillyweekend.