Plans For St Agnes Community Hall Take Shape

Proposed appearance of St Agnes Hall

St Agnes could soon have a new community workspace and meeting centre after detailed plans were submitted to the Council.

The submission by the Island Hall Committee, led by Chris Simmonds, shows how the existing Island Hall will be refurbished and a new, linked addition made to the rear.

The plans by St Ives-based architects, PBWC, detail a series of flexible workspaces designed to meet the needs of small businesses on the island.

The hall, which will total around 230 sqm, can also be opened out to create a large communal area, suitable for meetings and social events.

Building work is expected to cost around £1m.

The existing hall, built of local granite with black asbestos roof tiles will be refurbished inside and out with the stonework cleaned and re-pointed.

The 1990’s lean-to extension will be removed and the old east facing windows will be unblocked and restored and the roof will be re-tiled in slate with solar tiles.

The new building, based on an aisled barn, is designed to integrate with the existing hall.

Existing hall will be refurbished

The central roof has the same pitch as the old hall, with glazing all round and will also be tiled with solar PV panels.

This drops down to lower wing roofs, on either side which will be shallower in pitch and constructed with a zinc finish.

Chris Simmonds told us the plans are the culmination of a lengthy consultation process with St Agnes residents, with much of the feedback being taken into account in the final design.

The plans will be reviewed at the next Council Planning meeting on 19th April. The Duchy will also need to approve the plans, as they own the site.

Chris said there is still some work to do on fundraising although he’s confident they can reach their goal.

He says they already have a significant amount allocated from the European Regional Development Fund.

They’re also asking the LAG to fund some of the internal equipment and fittings.

The Council’s Strategic Investment Manager, Diana Mompoloki, says she’s pleased the plans have reached this stage and the building has the potential to become a fantastic new facility for St Agnes.

She said the intention was always to create a truly multifunctional space offering both business and communal facilities and the input provided by the local community has been essential.

Chris says if permission is granted in April, the Committee will need to spend some time putting the building work out to tender before construction can begin.