Details Of Olympic Run Released

One of the islands–based Olympic torch carriers have been told where and when she will be running with the flame.

Lesley Thomas, who was nominated as one of the LloydsTSB backed sponsors knows she will be carrying it for 300 meters in Penzance on the 19th of May, but she’ll have to wait four weeks for the specific details.

She says she’s very excited and is passionate about the Olympics.

She spent two weeks watching the Munich games on maternity leave when her daughter Jenny was born.

Lesley’s family from Scilly and Southampton will watch her in action and she intends to run with the flame.

She’s been offered a uniform because she cannot wear any clothing with advertising logos on it.

Every runner will have their own torch and she’s been told she can buy hers for £199, and she says she will.

Duncan Graham has been told he will be carrying the flame, but he hasn’t had the specific details yet.