Porthmellon Businesses Discuss State Of Road

Businesses on the Porthmellon Industrial Estate have held a meeting to discuss their concerns about the poor state of the road.

Last year the Town Hall announced that funding for laying superfast broadband fibre optic ducting could be used to improve the potholed and uneven surface.

Traders on the estate wrote to the Authority in November to request the work was completed by the start of the season and that it was put out to tender immediately, with preference being given to Islands’ businesses if by the Council’s Direct Labour Force could not complete it in the time scale.

They also asked to be kept in the loop and requested a written schedule of works.

The group, which met in the Mermaid on Friday, still has not received a plan.

Just a small section of road has been concreted and the quality of the finish has been questioned.

But Clinton Perry, who attended the meeting, said he appreciated what the Council was doing there and he understood the pressure on Council staff who had been called away to urgent problems while dealing with the roadway.

Radio Scilly contacted the Council on Friday and again yesterday to ask for a schedule of works and for a comment on quality issues. We’ve had no response.