New School Governor Elected

The Five Islands School

Only a week after Ben Julian became the new LEA school governor, a second off-island governor has been elected, bringing the total number on the Board to three.

Chris Simmonds from St Agnes has been chosen by non-teaching staff of the Five Islands School as their new representative.

This means Chris will be representing around 50 teaching assistants, cooks, admin staff and cleaners who work at the school.

Headmaster, Bryce Wilby said Chris would bring a wealth of experience to the role and he was delighted to have him on the Board.

The position became vacant after the previous governor, Maggie Wallace, stood down after several years service.

Bryce said three very good candidates put their names forward for a position that in previous years they’ve struggled to fill. Julian Morel and Anne Pearson also stood for election.

But he played down the significance of having three off-island governors on the Board, saying that each governor represented the whole of the school population across all the islands, not a single site.

The Board has a full agenda in the coming months, said Bryce. As well as working on the final snagging of the new school building project, they are also gathering the information to decide whether they should apply for academy status.

He said they’ll also be monitoring how the new staff structure at the school is working and getting ready for potential changes to the school curriculum under the new Government.