Wireless Network Planned For Tresco

Tresco Estate wants to set up it’s own wireless broadband network.

The technology would bring islanders and visiting yachts cheaper phone calls and faster web access and, by linking parts of the business, quicker data transfer should also improve the customer experience.

They’ve applied for permission to put up a 4m lattice-type mast between the water tanks on Vane Hill.

The site would offers line-of-site connection to receiving dishes at The Abbey, heliport, garden visitor centre, quay shop and the fire station, as well as Hell Bay Hotel on Bryher.

While there are plans to introduce superfast broadband to the islands by the end of 2014, the Estate feels that the cost of connection to all the rental properties would be huge.

Replacing underground copper cables with fibre optic lines would mean the islands’ concrete roads would need digging up and the estate feels that would be economically and environmentally unacceptable.

Council planners have asked the Estate to submit an application for the mast, which will be considered by planners in the spring.