St Martin’s Community Hall Receives Funding

Plans for the St Martin's Community Hall

The St Martin’s Community Hall committee will be celebrating their funding success and planning the next steps in developing their new facility tonight.

On Friday, the group heard that Defra will grant £675,000 towards the build costs.

And Keith Bradford, their chairman, says they are both relieved and pleased. That grant will supplement funds raised by islanders.

The committee will now approach the Local Action Group for £97,000 for fixtures, fittings and equipment.

Securing the finance means that, after 15 years of planning, the work will start in the next two months.

The finished hall will include a gym, doctor’s surgery, public loos and storage rooms. It’s expected to open early in 2013.

Keith says Cornish builder S J Quick, who built the affordable homes on St Martins, Bryher and St Agnes, has been awarded the building contract following a rigorous tendering process that included local companies as well.

He says they now need to appoint a project manager and go back to the builder to draw up detailed timelines.

Because the funding decision took a long time, all of the building quotes are out of date and will need to be redone. They’ll also need to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs of materials.

The project has to be completed by the end of 2013 in order to qualify for LAG funding.

The project will require some building work during the summer period and Keith says the owner of the adjacent property is reasonably happy about some summertime working.