Theatre Club Needs More Women

The Theatre Club is holding a second round of auditions next week for their summer play, ‘Murder in Company.’

Tom Scott from the group said they didn’t manage to fill all eight lead roles during the auditions earlier this week.

They’re still looking for a couple of women although they are also still keen to see more male auditionees too.

Tom says this is unusual as they normally have more women than men!

Last year, their production of ‘Present Laughter’ had twelve lead roles, which were all filled in the first audition.

He isn’t sure why numbers this year have been lower than normal although Tom says there are some people on holiday who may turn up for the new auditions.

The time commitment could also be putting some people off.

Tom says they’re not panicking yet but if they can’t find more people, they’ll have to “go back to the drawing board” and find a new play.

The new auditions are being held next Wednesday (21st) at 7.30 pm in the Town Hall.