Guesthouse Owners Invited To Breakfast Workshop

Island guesthouse owners will be shown how to make a better breakfast during a demonstration by a Visit England expert on Tuesday.

Pam Foden, their Operations & Engagement Manager, has been working with proprietors who have featured on Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector.

She’ll be offering blind tastings of sausage, bacon, jam and egg dishes to demonstrate how better quality produce can create a lasting impression on guests.

And it needn’t cost more. She says some of the tricks could actually save people money.

Pam admits that different people have different levels of competence as a cook. She says if you’re not confident in the kitchen, you can always provide a high quality continental breakfast or avoid tricky dishes like poached eggs.

Pam says because of the problems with food supply on the islands, she’ll tailor the session to include easy-to-find ingredients. She’ll also discuss growing your own ingredients and how to source good produce by mail order.

A full English breakfast can be a memorable experience for guests, particularly those from overseas, so it’s worth putting in the effort, says Pam.

The workshops will be held at 10.00 am at Evergreen Cottage and can be booked through the TIC. Pam says if there’s massive demand she’d be happy to offer another session on Wednesday.