Angling Could Boost Scilly Tourism

Del Thompson

A local fishing enthusiast is trying to raise the profile of Scilly as an angling destination.

Del Thompson says the islands have huge potential for angling tourism and he’s surprised no one has promoted this before. He says there’s just a single line in this year’s Simply Scilly brochure referring to fishing.

Angling is the UK’s largest participation sport and it has more junior members than any other sport in the UK.

Del isn’t just sitting back and waiting for something to happen. He’s contacted several fishing magazines and has managed to get a double-page spread about the Islands in the next edition of the popular Sea Angler magazine, which goes out to 300,000 readers every month.

Del says he also has a journalist coming from Total Sea Fishing in the autumn.

The articles should help to make anglers aware of the excellent fishing available in Scilly, which Del describes as ‘unknown’ to most mainland fishing enthusiasts.

Del says Scilly has ‘unbelievable’ fishing opportunities, some of the best in Europe, particularly for shark, mullet, wrasse and pollock and he says there is the added advantage that anglers don’t really care about the weather.

He thinks this could provide a significant boost for tourism in the off-season and shoulder periods.

Del regularly posts about angling on the islands through his blog, Scilly Lure Addicts, but hopes the publicity from the high-profile articles will get more people hooked on the superb opportunities to fish in Scilly.

Sophie Hughes from the Council’s Tourism Department says they are always keen to promote the islands to hobbyists of all types, including anglers, although she admitted that this is the first time someone had come to them to discuss the potential of angling tourism.

Sophie says it’s also a huge advantage to have someone like Del driving this forward, who has the enthusiasm, knowledge and contacts to make it work. She says there’s also an obvious passion for the sport on the islands.

Sophie added that the Tourism Department will look at expanding their promotion of angling in future editions of the brochure and on their website and is keen to hear from other hobbyists who think their interest could generate more tourism for the islands.


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