Police Warning On Lewd Calls

If you receive a suggestive or lewd phone call, hang up and if it happens again, check whether a number is displayed and call St Mary’s police.

That’s Sergeant Colin Taylor’s advice after a St Mary’s Guesthouse proprietor was subjected to smut and innuendo when she dealt with what she thought was a guest booking on Sunday evening.

The caller rang three times in total and began to talk about parts of the body, so the owner pulled the phone out of the socket, says Colin.

She wasn’t upset but tipped off police in case anything could be done.

He’d like to know whether any other islanders have had similar calls from an American or Canadian sounding male.

The caller used British slang terms, so he may be within the UK and, if it happens again, police may be able to take the matter further.

If it’s an overseas call, Colin admits there’s little that can be done.