New Roadsweeper Arrives On Islands

The new road sweeper arrives. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Pearson.

The Council’s Technical Services Department has taken possession of a new roadsweeper machine, which some people may have spotted arriving on a landing craft at the weekend.

Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, told us the machine is intended to cover two functions and is being shared between Highways and the Airport, with the purchase and running costs being shared.

Neville says the surface of the airport needs to be swept on a routine basis to ensure that surface dust is limited in order to maintain its condition.

The sweepers used in the past are what are called ‘precinct sweepers’ which are more suited to lighter duties and are not at their best on conventional roads.

But Neville says they were all that were available or affordable at the time.

He added, “the present ‘very second hand’ small Johnston precinct sweeper is beyond economic repair and so the opportunity to share costs whilst acquiring a more capable and hopefully durable machine was taken.”

Neville said when the school contractors brought a similar, albeit slightly larger, machine to the island a few months ago, it was evident that it could cover the ground in one pass very effectively and empty far less often than theprecinct sweeper could.

The machine was shipped to the islands by a landing craft operated by Diccon Rogers.