New IFCA Members Sought

The Isles of Scilly Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, or IFCA, is looking for a new member to represent the views of commercial fishermen.

Recruitment for the voluntary role is being organised by the Marine Management Organisation and the successful candidate will join the two exisiting MMO-nominated members, Robert Francis and Tim Allsop, who represent the commercial interests of fishermen and the diving industry.

The committee also includes representation from the Council and Natural England.

Liz Humphreys from the MMO said this is an excellent opportunity for people who are particularly interested and experienced in the inshore fisheries and marine issues to use their skills to influence how these resources are used and managed in the future.

The ten English IFCAs were established in 2011, replacing the old sea fisheries committees and are responsible for the sustainable management of sea fisheries within twelve nautical miles of the shore.

They have the power to make byelaws to protect fisheries resources and the environment in their area as well as enforcing national and European fisheries legislation.

However, the operation of the IFCAs has been without controversy. The vacant position was held previously by Tim Richards, who resigned in November claiming a lack of consultation between Defra, the Government department overseeing fisheries, and the IFCAs.

More information on the vacancy and how to apply can be found on the IFCAs page of the MMO website .