Police Raise Concerns Over Golf Carts

Police have pulled over a non road-legal golf cart, a day after raising concerns on Radio Scilly over the use of unsuitable carts on the roads.

The driver, who was pulled over on Friday, has been reported for driving offences and required to produce licence and insurance details at the Police Station.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says golf carts can only be used on the road if they are taxed and insured, with rear lights, brake lights, indicators and registration plate.

Colin says there are plenty of carts that meet these requirements on the islands and he is not aiming his comments at those owners, but he says the police can’t continue to put up with carts that have come “straight off the golf course.”

Colin adds, “the more we do these checks the better we will get at spotting those that flaunt road traffic laws and in doing so, place other road users at greater risk on the roads of St Mary’s.”