Council To Provide Support For Abattoir Plans

The Isles of Scilly Council has thrown its support behind plans for an abattoir on the islands.

Councillors voted to support the newly-formed IoS Livestock Association, which is looking to develop and manage the abattoir, by providing technical advice through the departments of the Chief Technical Officer and Chief Planning Officer.

Farmers and retailers have been campaigning for an abattoir on the islands for some time, and the plans already have the support of the The Duchy of Cornwall and Tresco Estate.

At present, livestock have to be sent to the mainland for slaughter.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said the importance of an abattoir has increased as more livestock were being introduced to the islands, part of Natural England’s Environmental Stewardship scheme.

Councillor Chris Savill was supportive of the plans but said there “were many hurdles to overcome.”

Council Vice Chair, Marian Bennett said the Livestock Association appeared to be a “highly proactive body” and she was keen for council officers to work closely with them.

Councillor Richard McCarthy said it had been a “complex and time-consuming process” getting the plans to this stage but said the formation of the Livestock Association was a “huge step forward.”

Plans for an abattoir on the islands were first set out in 2002.

He added he hoped the Food Standards Agency and Environmental Agency would be equally supportive.

The Livestock Association is in the final stages of being formed and is looking at several locations on the islands for the abattoir, although no final decision on the site has been made.

Hurdles to overcome will include the disposal of waste, highlighting the importance of input from the Chief Technical Officer’s department.