Lack Of Data On Direct Labour Force Criticised

Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner

The lack of clear data on the cost of the Council’s direct labour force has been questioned yet again.

During a discussion on the Council’s budget forecasts, Councillor Richard McCarthy asked why the costs of the direct labour force were not itemised in the figures, but instead wrapped up into the total costs.

Direct labour refers to those people employed directly by the Council for jobs such as refuse collection or road maintenance as opposed to employed indirectly through agencies.

He thought it was “strange” that these were not included and felt it was important that the Council “got a look at those figures on an annual basis.”

Richard said the financial regulations state “the Chief Technical Officer should produce a manpower statement showing expenditure,” adding it would be “useful, for such an important element of what the Council does, to get a look at that budget.”

However, Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, responded that he had already explained the situation to Mr McCarthy in a previous meeting and the figures were obscured, “to safeguard the Council’s ability to get competitive quotes for services” in the future.

Richard also criticised the lack of reference to key performance indicators in the data, which he thought made it difficult to assess whether individual departments were meeting their targets.


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