PTA Chair Resigns From Council Committee

Rich Kendrick

The Chairman of the Five Islands School PTA has quit his position on a Council committee because he feels that the authority isn’t handling community issues well.

Rich Kendrick has written to the Town Hall to quit his role as a Parent/Teacher Governor for the Children and Young People Committee.

He claims Council-sanctioned projects, like the Porthcressa Regeneration, Old Town sea wall and the school path, have had an unfavourable effect on a large section of the community.

Rich fears that the division between the Council and public could become irreparable.

He says it appears that the Council acts first and then consults the public later.

He says there seems to be a “huge void” between the general public and senior Council officers.

Mr Kendrick goes on to say the Isles of Scilly Council, “is a public body and funded from public money to serve all members of the community and it should liaise with and listen to public opinion and strive to become a Council that serves the community for the benefit of everyone within the community.”

In a written response, the Council Public Relations Officer, George Pearson, said, “The Porthcressa Regeneration project and the building of the new school were both subject to extensive community consultation.

“The Council is continuing to listen to community concerns and does take steps to ameliorate these concerns.

“It is regrettable that Mr Kendrick has decided to resign after just one committee meeting. The purpose of having an outside community representative on this committee is to bring the voice of the community to the committee and to effect change.”

Rich doesn’t feel he should have stayed on the committee to effect change from within, claiming that it would be hypocritical for him to stay on the committee.

But he says he would stand as a Councillor if people were willing to support him and believed he could make a difference

Rich also alleges that he was verbally attacked by a Council officer following comments posted on a social networking site and that he is taking the matter further.

The Council says it is unable to comment on a complaint “that is currently under investigation.”


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