ISREC Start Consultation On Wind Power

ISREC, the not-for-profit group, which is exploring options for sustainable power generation in Scilly, says it’s pleased that 43 people attended their presentation last Thursday.

Experts Sykamore Small Wind explained how turbines work and answered questions about the technical aspects of harnessing wind power in the session at the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

Maria Wilby from ISREC says previous wind turbines, like the one at Mount Todden, were not as efficient as today’s models. She says the technology has moved on enormously in the past few years.

The group favours smaller installations, unlike the larger windmills close to the A30 in Cornwall. They would stand between 10m and 25m high and could power up to eight homes.

Maria says the visual appearance of the turbines is an important consideration and could be “tucked away” in dips and troughs across the islands.

And part of the consultation process will be to rule out unsuitable or sensitive areas on the islands.

Each installation would cost upwards of £50,000 and could be funded through public subscription, with shareholders gaining a return on their investment or cheaper electricity.

And the financial returns on wind power could be greater than solar, with a payback within around 4 years. That compares with 8 to 10 years for solar power.

Maria says the group haven’t overlooked wave power, which she says holds great potential for the future, particularly in Scilly, but the technology is around 10 years behind that of the best wind turbines at present.

There’ll be a lot more consultation before anything happens, if indeed it does, and the Duchy, Wildlife Trust and Council will continue discussions.

There will also be a mailshot to all homes asking for more feedback.


One Response to ISREC Start Consultation On Wind Power

  1. George Kershaw March 6, 2012 at 12:14 am

    I expect that there will be a fair bit of controversy over the location of any wind turbines as nobody will want them near their property of in the way of their favourite walk or view, but as pointed out above they do work.
    We need our islands to be as self sufficient as possible as we move into the future, if kept on a reasonable scale wind turbines presently have a part to play along with more solar arrays and hopefully in the future a good wave hub strategically placed as not to affect marine life or shipping.
    All these energy producing ideas need to be embraced and used to our best effect until something else that may have less environmentall impact comes along.
    Wind turbines can alway be removed at a later date if a better source of energy creation arises..
    Good luck to Maria,I wish her well with this consultation process!