Islanders Warned About Mainland Cashpoint Scams

Islanders travelling to the mainland are been warned to keep their wits about them when taking money out of cashpoints.

In the last week, there had been a spate of attempts in Cornwall to glean pin numbers in order to access accounts.

Criminals have added data collecting devices to the machines in Penzance town centre, Hayle and St Just.

Our islands’ police chief Sgt Colin Taylor says it’s unlikely that our only cashpoint will be targeted.

He says the device fitted to the machine has to be fairly closely tended by typically a group of villains acting together. One will be a lookout.

They also need to use the stolen card details in a different cashpoint to that targeted before the offence is spotted & blocked.

Colin says suspicious people hanging around the cashpoint in Hugh Town would stick out a mile and they would have no other cashpoint to complete the offence with.

If any Scilly residents do suspect anything wrong with the cashpoint they must not hesitate in firstly contacting the bank. If the bank is closed, contact the police on 101.

Colin adds if they think their card details have been compromised either here or on the mainland they must not delay in contacting their own bank.