Council To Produce ‘Dark Skies’ Policy

The Council’s Planning Department will produce a series of guidelines to help protect Scilly’s ‘dark skies’ and ensure that “the unique and tranquil environment of Scilly is preserved for future generations.”

The department has been awarded around £650 from the AONB’s SDF fund to produce a formal policy document together with a leaflet for the general public.

The ‘Lighting Guide for the Isles of Scilly’ will be used to assess planning applications for external lighting schemes and is designed to compliment the existing Isles of Scilly Design Guide, which currently lacks detailed guidance on ‘best practice’ relating to external lighting.

A report produced for Councillors stated that, “as the environment is fundamentally the main driver for tourism in Scilly, it is crucial that lighting for both new and current developments conserves and enhances the islands’ natural environment.”

Last year, Councillors voiced their concern over the growing levels of light pollution in Scilly, particularly from developments on St Mary’s quay and the new school.

The AONB has also been involved in a number of projects highlighting the dark skies over Scilly and the potential tourism benefits, including taking part in the Campaign for Rural England’s ‘Big Star Count 2012’ in January.

Exmoor National Park was recently designated the first International ‘Dark Sky Reserve’ in Europe.


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