MP Welcomes Start Of Fuel Rebate Scheme

Petrol pumps at Nike Engineering

Local MP, Andrew George, will welcome the start of the Government’s fuel discount pilot scheme when he visits the Islands this week.

The scheme, which is aimed at remote island communities, will come into effect on Thursday 1st March.

Scillonians will receive a 5p a litre discount on their fuel which will bring some much needed relief to the Islands, where pump prices are higher due to transportation costs.

The announcement was made after the Government received final EU clearance to operate its rural fuel rebate pilot scheme in the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Northern Isles, islands in the Clyde and the Isles of Scilly.

Fuel retailers on the islands will receive the rebate on the petrol and diesel they purchase and will be expected to pass on the full saving to the customer.

Mr George said, “Scillonians currently pay the highest fuel bills in the country and this measure will offer a fairer deal for Islanders.

“People in remote areas and Islands don’t have the luxury of regular low cost bus and underground services running from their neighbourhoods every 2 to 3 minutes.”

Mr George will visit St Mary’s on Friday 2nd March to see how the initiative is taking off.