Bryher Quays To Get Visitor Sign Boards

More information will be offered for Bryher visitors arriving at Church Quay and Aneka’s Quay.

Councillors have approved aluminium laminated signboards highlighting places to eat, suggested walks and historical sites.

There’ll also be a leaflet-holder attached to them.

Chief Planning officer Craig Dryden told Councillors that the 1100mm x 1300mm board will be fixed on the existing building at Church Quay.

John Goddard felt that similar boards at St Martin’s had been very important.

There’ll also be a new board at Bar but that site is more sensitive.

The AONB panel was worried about the visible impact of a board, erected on posts, on the path leading away from the beach.

It had been suggested that the board should be put on the Sussex gig shed but Craig Dryden warned that it is too large to go on the wall that faces walkers.

A rocky bank would make placing it on the side of the building quite difficult.

There’ll be negotiations between the planning officers and Bryher Councillors about having it on the gable end of the shed or as a freestanding sign in another suitable place.

The signage and a new Bryher website are part of a project which has been managed by the Bryher Community Centre committee.

The AONB SDF grant scheme awarded £3,545, which is 41.5% of project costs, last year.

Chris Savill wanted the logos of the funding bodies to be included on the signs.


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