Interim Board Announced For New Tourism Authority

The composition of the new interim board, which will run the new unitary Tourism Body on the islands, has been announced.

The board will consist of many names that are familiar from the tourism industry on the islands, including those who have already been involved in the three existing bodies, Island Tourism, Island Marketing and the Council’s Tourist Information Centre

The interim board will be chaired by Chris Gregory, the Duchy’s Land Steward, accompanied by Clifford Freeman, who owns St Mary’s Hall Hotel, Jeff Marston from the Steamship Company, Julian Pearce and Christine Savill from the Council, Sabine Schraudolph, the current Vice chair of Island Tourism, Richard Mills, who owns the Sailing Centre, Alasdair Moore, Marketing Manager of Tresco Estates and John Peacock of St Agnes Boats.

The first meeting of this interim board has already taken place and Julian Pearce from the Council told us they “hope to put the flesh on things” in the next couple of weeks.

Consultants Blue Sail recommended the partnership between the private sector and the Council in their report last year, possibly responding to the lack of co-ordinated effort from the organisations responsible for promoting the islands.

It remains to be seen how this new body will raise the current standard of marketing and bring in new ideas, especially as many of those on the board have been transposed from the existing organisations.