Survey Finds Dog Fouling Still Biggest Concern

Islanders biggest gripe remains dog fouling, according to the results of the Community Safety Partnership survey.

66% of islanders have had enough of the mess left when dog owners don’t clear up after their pets.

Two years ago, the Council had planned to train dog-litter wardens, in partnership with the Duchy and the Wildlife Trust. These officials would have issued penalty tickets to owners who left dog mess in public places, but the plans were pulled from a Council agenda hours before the members debated them by the Chief Executive, following legal concerns.

151 residents replied to the on-line questionnaire, which was five times the expected take-up rate.

Just over half of islanders, 52%, are still worried about speeding and road safety.

Continued concerns have led to investigations into the feasibility of a 20mph zone in parts of St Mary’s.

But the survey also has a positive side.

Islanders feel that there is social cohesion, with 95% of locals saying that people of different backgrounds get on well together in Scilly.

And the survey reveals that we feel safe in our beds. 93% of respondents feel very safe, all the time and 91% of people had not been the victim of crime in the last year, although the survey didn’t specify whether crimes had taken place on the islands or elsewhere.

And overall there’s a pat on the back for the authorities.

93% feel the St Mary’s Police and the Council are dealing successfully with crime.


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