Contractors Warned Over Out-Of-Hours Working

Builders who flout rules over working hours may face enforcement, says Scilly’s Planning Chairman.

Planning consent is usually granted on the acceptance of conditions banning work early in the morning, late at night or at the weekend.

However, Amanda Martin told members that she had had enough of conditions “being abused” by contractors.

She claimed to have been disturbed by Sunday working and the use of power tools in her own neighbourhood of Old Town.

Amanda says the rules are being flouted unscrupulously to make up time on overrunning work.

She feels that the community in residential areas should be, “allowed a day off” from disturbance and wanted restrictions adhered to for another major project, the Porthcressa Regeneration, which is underway.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said that conditions should be respected and Council staff had written to and telephoned one operator following noisy out-of-hours work in Porthcressa.

Craig added that the reprimand was not related to the Porthcressa Regeneration plan.


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