Balconies Can Be Added To Hell Bay Cottages

Glass-fronted balconies may be added to two of the cottages that make up the Hell Bay Hotel complex in order to sustain the business.

Scilly Councillors have reviewed an application made by agents working on behalf of Tresco Estate.

Their submission argued that, as Spring Tide and High Tide cottages are the only units without balconies, they are last to let and attract a lower tariff.

This is because they are furthest from the sea view and appear “disadvantaged” and “less attractive.”

The applicant says this has a negative effect on the financial viability of the hotel.

Three of the four balconies, one for each unit in the two buildings, would replace a pitched roof of a room below.

On all four balconies, the existing windows would be replaced with new doors to provide access. They would use hardwood materials.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, recommended approval because it would improve the quality of the tourism offer on Bryher, a point also made by Tresco’s Agents.

He felt the design and siting of the units was acceptable, as it was set back from the coast path and the sea.

Bryher Councillor, Marian Bennett said she had been, “less than polite” about these buildings previously but she felt that the alterations would enhance their appearance.