Petition Launched Over Old Town Sea Wall

A petition has been launched, which aims to reverse the changes made to Old Town sea wall by the Council.

This follows a series of additions to the wall including adding timber railway sleepers to the top to increase the height as well as drain covers to the front, which were later removed after a storm of protest from angry residents.

The petition, which has been organised by John Morley on behalf of a group of Old Town residents, states, “We the undersigned are objecting to the way the seawall at Old Town has been ruined by the fixing of the wooden blocks on the top. If the wall has to be increased in height, please can it be done in such a way that it does not spoil the picturesque bay.”

John says, “We have asked the council to look at it again and come up with a better solution, more in keeping with this lovely part of the island. I believe the council had a ‘site-meeting’ last week.

He added, “We have strong support and we are just waiting until we get 200 signatures to present it to the council.

“We hope the council will agree with our concerns, as they do seem to be taking the matter seriously.”

The petition is available for signing in the Paper Shop and needs 200 signatures for it to be accepted by the Council.


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