Memory Café Introduces Line Dancing Sessions

The Memory Cafe

The Memory Café is adding line dancing to its range of activities for elderly islanders.

The social events, which volunteers started over two years ago, are meant to offer more than just an outing.

Singing songs and reviewing pictures of past events as a group stimulates discussion of memories and reports suggest this activity can slow the cognitive decline associated with dementia

The initial Wednesday afternoon exercise groups, hosted by Jane Chiverton at the Golf Club, have been supplemented by Friday afternoon sessions at the Church Pavilion.

Jane says the number of weekly attendees has risen from 5 to 18 and things are going so well they are, “struggling to get them all into the venues.”

Penny Penn Howard told Councillors in the Community Services Committee that line dancing sessions have been requested by retired residents for some time.

Jane agrees that exercises go down well and that’s why Island Response, the newly relaunched volunteer group on the islands, has arranged for Lesley Thomas to host the dances for anyone over 60 from 1.30pm to 2.45pm on Tuesdays at The Town Hall.

The events start on March 6th.

The Council is supporting the sessions, which start on March 6th and will cost dancers £2.