St Martin’s Gets More Cash For Waste Management

St Martin's

St Martin’s will have more than double the money of Bryher and St Agnes combined to deal with rubbish this year.

It’s because the island is, “very successful” and “generates waste,” according to Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner.

Neville told the General Purposes meeting that there is an ongoing issue with waste on the island.

In previous meetings, Councillors have heard how ‘undeclared’ St Martin’s trade waste, including asbestos, has been dumped.

A waste baling system was the most appropriate solution for the island. Without that, Neville said, it would be impossible to recover sufficient waste.

This method was adding to costs but the problem was being addressed.

It means that £26,111 will be allocated for St Martin’s waste. That’s around £10,000 more than last year and compares with a total annual spend of  £11,543 for Bryher and £12,676 for St Agnes.

St Agnes has been praised for its waste management and St Martin’s Councillor John Goddard repeated a call for a similar ‘regulated’ system for his island.

St Agnes residents can deposit waste twice a week and staff record trade waste and facilitate separation of items like electrical goods for recycling.

Neville said his future waste management strategy would be likely to adopt the St Agnes model for all the off-islands.  It was a “good example” that would benefit trade users and help revenue streams to the Council, he said.

There was no indication of when the waste management strategy will be made public.