Moorwell Alp Good For Government Grants Says Neville

The Council’s Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, has said that the Moorwell Alp is useful for getting money out of the Government.

Mr Gardner made the comments during the recent General Purposes Committee meeting, where he described the unsightly refuse mound as “a very effective catalyst in assisting us to persuade Government of their need for significant investment in the Isles.”

This followed a request from Councillor Marian Bennett that Mr Gardner should provide a report about plans to reduce the height of the Moorwell Alp to every General Purposes Council meeting from now on.

Marian said the public concern over what she termed the ‘Moorwell Mountain’ was now overshadowing positive work done by that department, adding, “this item is of such importance that it should appear on every agenda.”

Neville replied that if that was the wish of members then he was not in a position to counteract that or would want to.

He suggested that the consultants his department has hired to deal with waste strategy, SLR, could come and present their plans to the Council and Marian asked for that to be added to the resolution.

There’ll be £300,000 of Government cash for the Council to deal with waste issues this year and Neville suggested Defra could be asked to pay up some of the additional £4m they have ringfenced for Scilly in 2013-14, a little earlier.

Mr Gardner did not elaborate on how that money would be spent to reduce the size of the rubbish backlog.

However, Councillor John Goddard felt some members weren’t even aware of the amount of money awarded to the Council to deal with waste.

Richard McCarthy asked that off-island waste issues should also be added to the regular reports. He accepted that their problems weren’t as significant as those at Moorwell but some off-islanders have concerns about their waste planning.